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Key Whispaws Information

Whispaws Animal Sanctuary is a charity registered in the UK. Registration number 1202887. The Sanctuary itself is based at Zrenjanin, Serbia and the charity trustees are based in England. Whispaws Animal Sanctuary will soon be registered for Gift Aid. Full details will be updated here.

General FAQ's

When can I adopt a dog?

Our main focus at the moment is to finish the first phase of facilities at the Sanctuary and so much work has been done already! We are working on the best way to re-home our healthy dogs both safely and legally. This includes registering with the appropriate regulatory bodies and connecting with other regulated services along the process. Therefore all the dogs we are currently caring for and the new rescues we find are available for sponsoring. We are also continually working on our neutering efforts locally. Please feel free to register your interest in adoption and we will keep in touch. We can also direct you to other well respected and regulated charities working throughout Serbia and the Balkan region. Thank you for your interest in our work!

Are you looking for Volunteers?

Absolutely! If you have building skills and can spare the time then please get in touch. Once the Sanctuary is built and we begin regularly rescuing animals, we would be very grateful for any time you can give and skills you can share. 

Can I buy Whispaws Merchandise?

Hoodies, T-shirts, Mugs and Tote bags are available now. Please support us by wearing our logo whilst going about your day! – Whispaws merchandise shop 

What is the best way to donate?

Please see our donate page for all of the possible ways of donation. We are grateful for any donations, please choose the best option for you. 

Rehoming FAQ's

How can I adopt an animal?

Whilst we are building the sanctuary, we are working on the possibilities and logistics of rehoming animals. Our priority is helping the animals that really need us. Bringing them to good health and giving them a safe comfortable place to be. Once we have dogs that have become ready for adoption we will be updating the website and posting on social media. If you would like to register your interest. Please do this now by using our contact page or joining our mailing list. 

What is your rehoming process?

We maintain a strict health protocol for all dogs in our care. Once they are deemed ready for travel in terms of health, ready for rehoming in terms of temperament and training, all available dogs will be listed on this website or social media for adoption. Please feel free to register your interest and we can also recommend regulated and registered charities in Serbia or throughout the Balkans who can be contacted for adoption. All dogs are prepared with the correct health and travel paperwork and are transported through registered and regulated animal transport. A thorough vetting process takes place with prospective adoptees as it is important that all animals are matched well with their new forever family.

Why aren’t all animals available for rehoming?

Our priority is to care for every animal in the best way possible according to their individual needs. Some dogs may be difficult to re-home. For example, if there isn’t an experienced enough person offering to adopt them. This can be due to behavioural or health issues. We will never give up on an animal that needs us so they would remain in our care and in need of your help via sponsorship. 

What happens after I register my interest?

We will send out a newsletter when we are ready to begin rehoming and alert followers on social media. 

How much will cost?

This varies according to the animal and their needs. However we would generally ask for an adoption fee in the form of a donation to cover the health checks, passport and travel fees.