Help us create our sanctuary

Building Whispaws Animal Sanctuary

We are very lucky to have secured a permanent home for our sanctuary! We have willpower, passion and building skills. Now we need your help. Our mission is to build facilities to take care of all the animals that need us. Here are the most urgent tasks on our to-do list;

Security fencing to surround the sanctuary

Secure heated kennels (Serbia has super cold winters)

Storage areas for food and supplies

First aid, food prep and washing facilities

Secure exercise space

Animal transport vehicle


The mission and how you can help 💜

This sounds like a huge task but we don’t believe it will take us very long to build the facilities we need, in order to start helping these animals. The land is ours rent free and the humans have a place to live there already so they can be with the animals 24/7. There are a couple of outbuildings around the land which are dilapidated but can be repaired for use. One garage sized building which we can be turned into a mini hospital, storage and washing facilities and another we can use for storage. 

Our first big task is to fit a high secure fence around the sanctuary border then we will get to work on building warm kennels and separate secured areas for the different animals to live, play and recover if they are injured. 

Can you help! We would be so grateful for any donations you are able to give. One off donations, regular support or any fundraising activities you are able to do would be absolutely wonderful! Please see below for suggested ways to raise money or if you are an online content creator perhaps you could download our pack and dedicate a charity live stream to us! We are a registered charity in the UK and gift aid can be claimed on your donations. We can also accept donations from any country and currency. 

We believe your kind thoughts and prayers help us too. So if you are not able to donate money then please send us your love! Following us on social media and sharing our posts would be so helpful too. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and support. 

Donate to our Sanctuary

Raise the roof by Fundraising

Fundraising can be fun and a great way of getting active and involved with Whispaws. There are many different ways you can help us. So come and join in the fun, we are open to ideas and if you have skills or connections that could help we would love to hear from you. Perhaps you are planning a trip to Serbia and would like to pop in and volunteer! We’d love to see you 💜

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