Help us create our sanctuary

Building Whispaws Animal Sanctuary

We are extremely lucky to have secured a permanent home for our sanctuary and it belongs to us! This means no fear of rising rental costs, being required to move premises and most importantly we have full control over animal welfare standards.  Therefore all facilities will be forever for the use of Whispaws and the abandoned animals of Serbia.

Our mission is to continue building facilities and take care of all the animals that need us. Here are the most urgent tasks on our to-do list. You will see that some have been achieved already.

There is so much yet to do but in just two years we have already transformed the place! and this is on top of continuous rescuing and neutering.

We couldn’t have managed ANY of these things without your help, so we thank you so much for all of the support you have given us so far.

Security fencing to surround the sanctuary - 🏆 DONE!

Heaters for the Barn, Dog Beds & Insulated Dog Houses (Serbia has super cold winters) - 🏆 DONE!

Doors for the side of the barn and the garage front - 🏆 DONE!

Extra secure fencing and double gated entrance around the barn (for the main barn pack) - 🏆 DONE!

Electricity for the barn, lighting and power - 🏆 DONE!

Animal transport vehicle - So far we have been using a small fiat to transport the dogs and rescue but it is now completely on it's last legs and was never adequate for large dog crates and proper animal transport - 🏆 DONE!

The Garage Project - Storage and shelving for food and supplies, Isolation space for injured animals and puppies, General assessment space - ⏰ IN PROGRESS Completion May/June 2023

First aid & Assessment Room (This is a the room beside the garage which will have a vets table, metal cabinet and supplies) - ⏰ IN PROGRESS completion August/September 2023

Washing Facilities - We have the perfect opportunity near the well at the back of the property to build a small open hut which could house a doggy shower and grooming space

Secure Training Space - All of the dogs are exercised around the whole sanctuary, they LOVE to run around the whole place when it's play time! However we have a space designated just for one to one training and this requires fencing on one side with a gate fitted.

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The mission and how you can take part 💜

At the beginning of this project we had such a huge task ahead of us. Because of your support we have achieved so much already. The sanctuary is ours and the humans have a place to live there already so they can be with the animals 24/7. Whilst building these facilities we have continued to rescue, neuter and even re-home some dogs within Serbia with friends and family.

Regular updates are posted mainly on Instagram where you will see stories of our rescues and achievements with the sanctuary ‘to do’ list. You can also see posts on facebook, join our mailing list or message through the contact form on this page.

Can you help! We would be so grateful for any donations you are able to give. One off donations, regular support or any fundraising activities you are able to do would be absolutely wonderful! If you are an online content creator perhaps you could dedicate a charity live stream to us!

We believe your kind thoughts and prayers help us too. So if you are not able to donate money then please send us your love! Following us on social media and sharing our posts would be so helpful too. 

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and support. 

Raise the woof by FUNdraising

Are you planning a local event, celebrating an occasion or would like to do something else fun and raise donations for Whispaws? We are connected with JustGiving which makes organising a fundraising event very easy. Please follow the button below where you will find lots of suggestions and a way to set up your event in minutes!

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