Meet the Dogs!


I am Gak! At the moment I am available for sponsoring. I have lived free on the sanctuary land long before Whispaws moved in and am very happy here. I am best friends with our neighbour Gia. We have fun running around together! Since Dusko & Ivana came here I have been very welcoming to all the new friends moving in and I even teach the puppies how to be good. I now get food whenever I’m hungry and a comfortable bed. My life is the BEST!

The Pups

Available for adoption. These 5 little puppies were discovered abandoned in a box by the river. They are safe now and most have been adopted locally so far. At the moment we are very busy building the sanctuary ready to house new rescues and have no logistics in place to adopt outside of Serbia. If anyone within Serbia would be interested in adopting, please get in touch. Or if you are in a nearby country and can make your own way to us that’s fine too! In the meantime, if anyone would like to donate towards their care before adoption we would be most grateful. 

Jimi and Piccolo

Two distinguished gentlemen. This is Jimi on the left with his new brother Piccolo. Piccolo was found as a puppy living in the streets near a pizza restaurant. He had an injury to his head and it looked like he had been attacked by bigger dogs. What a beautiful boy he is! Jimi and Piccolo have become a dream team. They will be living at the Sanctuary with the humans helping out where they can!

Winnie & Ozzy

News of our place must be spreading because a box of puppies arrived on our doorstep one morning! Two of the little angels are still available for adoption, a brother and sister who are very close. Their names are Ozzy and Winnie! Here is Gak playing with them, what a lovely boy he is. Please see our social media for more close up images and contact us if you can provide a loving home for these two. It would be ideal if they could be re-homed together.


A little man with a big character! He has the sweetest curly coat and loves to play with his new family in the garden. We found him wondering around the crossroads near to the sanctuary. Apparently a popular place to leave unwanted animals! He was in dire need of a bath but is otherwise in good health. His favourite things to do are swim and cuddle. Duško says he is ‘like cling film around people’ 😀


This is Rocky! He’s a lovely young boy who is in need of a new loving home. He was found as a pup 6 months ago with a broken leg. His leg has been taken care of now but his rescuers did not have enough room in their apartment for him. He is a very sweet boy and available for adoption.

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